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Aims. The knowledge about biodiversity is constructed along a slow process involving technical understanding
of the taxa, gathering information, description and analytical procedures, updating of information systems, and
synthesizing information to non-specialists. The dipterans constitute one of the four largest, named megadiverse
insect orders, including about 12% of the insects species described. The Neotropical diversity of described
dipterans is above 25,000 species. With the development of the study of the Neotropical Diptera in the last
decades, with changes in the classification and increase in the number of described species and genera, the
present catalogues of Diptera of the Neotropical region are outdated and there is an urgent need for a manual
of Neotropical Diptera, with keys for the identification of families, genera and species of the entire region. The
Neotropical Diptera is journal that intends to work as other fast-publishing journals with electronic interface,
dedicated to the taxonomic, phylogenetic, and biogeographic studies of Diptera groups at different levels.

Scope. The scope of this journal is to cover all aspects of systematics and biogeography – from molecules to
biogeography – of Neotropical dipterans. Papers with phylogenetic studies.

Structure. The Journal will have the sections Original Articles, Short Notes, and Book Review.

Frequency. Approved paper will be immediately available online (open access) and printed versions will be
available four times per year (March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31).

Publication costs and subscriptions. Regular papers are published free of charge. Authors can request
printed copies, paying for it. Neotropical Diptera will as a standard publish papers in the printed version
always in BW. Whenever there are color photos, they may included as such in the electronic version. Pdf
versions of the published paper will be available free of charge at the homepage of the journal.

Manuscripts. Manuscripts should be sent electronically to the Editor-in-Chief. It is understood that the papers
are original and that they are not being submitted simultaneously to other journals.


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